JMP is an on-premise data analytics solution that helps scientists, engineers and data explorers understand complex data relationships and visualize them via interactive dashboards. The data acquisition and cleanup functionalities... Saiba mais

BIME Analytics, a Zendesk company, provides cloud-based data analysis and dashboard tools. It caters to companies of all sizes, from startups to large organizations. BIME Analytics provides multiple connectors, both online and... Saiba mais


R++ est un logiciel d’analyse de données créé pour et avec des médecins afin de faciliter la valorisation de leurs travaux de recherche. Issu du travail d’équipes spécialisées en interface humain machine, R++ est un logiciel... Saiba mais

The Adaptive Calculation Engine for Java ACE4J provides a reliable platform for converting Excel-based applications into web applications at a low cost, efficiently, and with guaranteed easy maintenance and support in the future.... Saiba mais