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Macola is the ERP and business software that manufacturers and wholesale distributors trust to automate, grow and streamline their business workflows. Macola meets the unique needs of growing SMBs ─ automating and managing core business functions such as product manufacturing, distribution, accounting and finance, document management, project management, CRM and HR. Macola features business intelligence, activity and process management (automated workflows and document management), inventory management, MRP/MES and supply chain management. Macola is deployed on-premises and is compatible with Windows operating systems. By automating mission-critical business processes, Macola delivers real-time information on various facet of the business, providing for informed decision-making as well as controlling cost and complexity across the lifecycle of business processes – from design to delivery.

Macola - Order entry - mobile
  • Macola - Order entry - mobile
    Order entry - mobile
  • Macola - Order entry - desktop
    Order entry - desktop
  • Macola - Order inquiry - mobile
    Order inquiry - mobile
  • Macola - Order inquiry - desktop
    Order inquiry - desktop
  • Macola - Item inquiry - mobile
    Item inquiry - mobile
  • Macola - Item entry - desktop
    Item entry - desktop
Sistemas operacionais compatíveis:
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10