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O-Meds by OnTrackDev, LLC is a cloud-based electronic medical administration record solution that helps to manage medication and administration records. The solution caters to mental health residential treatment centers, group homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and senior care homes.

O-Meds helps users to provide alerts about potential allergies and information about drug interactions. The solution collects electronic signatures so physicians can log into the program via the program’s smartphone and tablet app to approve orders, and paper forms are easily converted into digital files. This helps users to approve orders and paper forms that can be converted into digital files. The solution provides notification to users in the form of SMS and email to get update regarding missing data, low inventory, drug names and more.

O-Meds allows users to upload current forms and integrate with other service providers. The solution is HIPAA compliant and is compatible with both Android and iphone devices. Support is available via phone.


O-Meds - Medication chart
  • O-Meds - Medication chart
    Medication chart
  • O-Meds - Entry record in drug dispostion
    Entry record in drug dispostion
  • O-Meds - Drug dispostion record
    Drug dispostion record
  • O-Meds - Medical receipts log
    Medical receipts log
Sistemas operacionais compatíveis:
Mac OS, Navegador web (independente o SO), Windows 8