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AdvancedMD offers a fully unified suite of patient-focused technologies called AdvancedMD @home. This patient engagement collection makes it easier for you to create a robust and scalable practice to treat patients when and where they need you. Like all AdvancedMD solutions, everything within @home is hosted on Amazon Web Services for a faster, simpler, more reliable experience. Each feature of @home is nicely unified within EHR, ePrescribing and practice management for a seamless workflow experience. Telemedicine lets you manage a variety of care options and treatment plans remotely such as prescription and refill requests without requiring the patient to leave their home. You get a patient portal, an online hub that gives access to patient education, scheduling, statements and bill-pay, staff and physician messaging and countless other tasks to reduce time for patients and you. New and existing patients can see your available schedule by provider. They can schedule a telemedicine or in-office appointment. Appointment reminders are automated and sent automatically via email, text or phone in English or Spanish. Online intake and consent forms take the “wait” out of waiting room and help you capture accurate information that flows automatically into patient charts. Messaging gives patients direct access to your front desk and clinical staff in a secure environment. The AdvancedMD @home remote care bundle makes it easy to work from anywhere and see patients at home.

AdvancedTelemedicine - What a visit looks like
  • AdvancedTelemedicine - What a visit looks like
    What a visit looks like
  • AdvancedTelemedicine - Online Payment Options
    Online Payment Options
  • AdvancedTelemedicine - Appointment reminder via email
    Appointment reminder via email
  • AdvancedTelemedicine - Joining a telemedicine session
    Joining a telemedicine session
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    Telemedicine Terms + Conditions Page
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Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OS, Navegador web (independente o SO), Windows 8, Windows 10

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Too costly!

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It wasn't as necessary as it is now, in this current climate. However, we have found that the process, simple though it was, could be found elsewhere for cheaper, making it a more viable option for us and our patients.


AdvancedMD uses Zoom, like most, for its telehealth software. At the time that we signed up, you had to have a separate account and payment processing with Zoom outside of AMD. Zoom is easy enough to use and processed through the system fine.


It was nearly $200 a month for us to maintain the Zoom contract with AdvancedMD, regardless of how many patients we saw. So even if we had none (before the pandemic) we still paid.